Director's Desk

The Geology and Mining department has been established in 1960 with the objective to explore the mineral wealth of the J&K State by way of Geological investigation aided with Exploratory Mining, Drilling, Chemical/Mineral testing and techniques to prove the quality and quantity of deposits to promote the mineral based industry in J&K State.

The department has been able to identify and establish some important minerals like Gypsum, limestone, Quartzite, Magnesite, Coal, lignite, Borax, Bauxite besides decorative stones like Slate, Marble, and Granite. At present department is focusing to explore the potential of granite deposits of various shades and base metals like lead & Zinc. Besides it, Groundwater exploration by way of Geo-physical as well as Geo-hydrological survey and its development, Geo-technical feasibility of various Engineering Projects and Administration of Minerals under M&M (D&R) Act 1957 to execute the Rules made there under are also its domain.

The Department of Geology and Mining has played a vital role in overall economical development of J&K state by proving various minerals deposits, having enabled the J&K Government in granting of Mining Leases and Prospecting Licenses. Besides, the department is contributing in a big way to the Government exchequer by collection of mineral revenue (Royalty) on account of exploitation and extraction of Major as well Minor Minerals. It has also contributed a lot for Ground Water exploration and development of production wells on requisition basis by way of its Groundwater exploration programme.