About Geology & Mining Department

The department of Geology and Mining J&K stands established in 1960 with the objective to explore the mineral wealth and groundwater resources a hidden treasure of the UT, by Geological explorations.

Since then it has been able to identify and establish various important mineral deposits like Limestone, Gypsum, Bauxite, Magnesite, Dolomite, Quartzite, Borax, Fuel Mineral like Coal, Lignite, decorative/building stones like Granite, Marble, Slate, Bauxite, China clay, Bentonite and Gemstone like Sapphire, Garnet, Tourmaline etc.

Geo-hydrological Survey and Groundwater inventory is being performed to explore Groundwater potential and its subsequent development on requisition basis as well as departmental exploration programme.

Geotechnical studies of Engineering assignments/ projects besides, Administration of minerals under M&M (D & R) Act 1957 and the Rules made there-under are also its domain. The Department of Geology and Mining has played a significant role in overall economical development of the UT by proving various mineral deposits, which enabled the UT Government in granting of many Mining Leases/Prospecting Licenses for the establishment of Mineral Based Industries and generation of Employment in J&K.