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The objective of the project is to automate the manual process for collecting taxes by usage of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Transit Permit & Transit Pass can be applied and issued online using web based application. The Lessee can only transport the permitted quantity of Mineral. The Weighbridge operator and check gate operator will update each and every transaction. The system will re-consolidate the transaction and generate different kind of MIS report, which would help Directorate of Mines to take intelligent decision making while collecting taxes.

Auction Title Auction Details Document Selling Start Date Document Selling End Date
Mining Inventory Auction Description 16-Nov-2018 03:50 PM 17-Nov-2018 04:05 PM
Demo Auction 22-Jan-2018 Demo Auction for Doda Black One 22-Jan-2019 11:10 AM 22-Jan-2019 11:20 AM
Demo Auction 22-Jan-2018 SICOP Demo Auction 22-Jan-2018 SICOP 22-Jan-2019 11:58 AM 22-Jan-2019 12:05 PM
Demo kathua eauction of mining blocks Demo kathua eauction of mining blocks 31-Jan-2019 01:30 PM 31-Jan-2019 01:35 PM
Demo kathua eauction of mining blocks New Auction for Block one of Kathua District 31-Jan-2019 01:40 PM 31-Jan-2019 01:55 PM
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